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Emergency Cases

If you have a case you would like to refer as an emergency, please contact the clinic first on 01928 714040. We can then discuss the case with you and advise on the next step.

You must fill in the online referral form, or download and complete a referral form and return to us. Incomplete referral forms will be returned for completion before processing and may delay the patient being seen. Patient histories sent without an accompanying referral form will not be processed.

Due to the nature of emergency cases, our ophthalmologists, nurses or reception staff will give you precise information regarding the appointment time and instructions to tell the owner. Please ensure the client knows all of the information which has been given to you.

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Referral Form

You can use our online referral form here or alternatively download a PDF referral form for email or fax. For emergency cases please call us first.

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Case Advice

Case advice can be requested online and our ophthalmologists can call or email you to discuss your case.