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Price List

A guide to the costs of our services

All estimate ranges are dependent on patient size, drug volumes needed, anaesthetic time and amount of consumables used.

Consultation fees are not included in the surgical estimates.

This price list serves as a guideline only. Each case is different and a full written estimate will be given at the time of consultation before a surgical appointment is booked.

Price list effective from 4th April 2021

Diagnostics (including sedation)
Ultrasound £250-350
High resolution ultrasound £550-600
Electroretinography £400-450
Tonometry (no sedation) £45
Gonioscopy (no sedation) £90
Cataract assessment £650-800
(non diabetic/diabetic)
Cataract surgery (1 eye) £3800-4000
Cataract surgery (2 eyes) £4900-5400
Consultations (inc. VAT)
First consultation (routine, within surgery hours) £213.70
Subsequent consultation (routine, within surgery hours) £99.00
Emergency first consultation (within surgery hours) £340.20
Emergency subsequent consultation (within surgery hours) £125.05
Out of hours emergency first consultation (excluding nurse call out) £474.40
Out of hours subsequent consultation (excluding nurse call out) £240.90
Out of hours nurse call out (dependent on call out time required) £200-600
Surgical (prices are for 1 eye unless otherwise stated, and include sedation/general anaesthetic)
Algerbrush debride ulcer (contact lens/tarsorrhaphy) £450-550
Cryo/thermo therapy for distichia £1400-1600
Entropion surgery (simple, 1-2 eyes) £1300-1700
Entropion surgery (complex, 1-2 eyes) £1700-3500
Conjunctival pedicle graft £1800-2200
Corneo-conjunctival transposition graft £2400-2600
Bio-cornea graft £2500-2900
Sequestrum removal (+/- corneal grafting) £2300-2600
Foreign body removal (simple to complex) £1000-1500
Nictitans gland replacement (‘cherry eye’) £1200-1500
Ectopic cilia removal (singular) £1000-1200
Keratectomy £1600-1900
Bilateral medial canthoplasty (2 eyes) £1900-2300
Corneal cross linking (sedation/anaesthetic) £900-1600
Eyelid mass removal (simple) £900-1200
Glaucoma shunt surgery £2400-2700
Laser surgery (iridotomy/retinopexy) £1500-1900
Parotid duct transposition £2100-2400