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Medications are vital to your pet’s treatment.

Please be aware that the ophthalmologist may prescribe a number of drops or tablets for you to administer to your pet. If you struggle to administer certain medications please let the ophthalmologist know at the time of your consultation.

Medication costs are not included in the consultation or surgery fees and will be added on to your invoice. You will be required to pay for all medications at the time they are dispensed. A dispensing fee will apply.

Repeat medications can be requested, providing your pet is a current patient at Eye Vet and has been examined by our ophthalmologists within the last 6 months. Medications can be sent via Royal Mail 1st Class ‘Signed For’ service. You will incur a non refundable postage and packaging charge.

Please allow 48 hours notice for repeat medication requests.
Until further notice, due to Covid-19, all repeat medications will be posted to owners. Collections from the surgery are reserved for medications which need to be kept refrigerated and therefore cannot be posted.

Due to a recent increase in the number of requests for urgent repeat prescriptions, there will be changes to our prescription process. If an urgent prescription is requested then a non-refundable surcharge will apply in order to process it. Urgent prescription requests take nurses and ophthalmologists away from daily duties and patient care in order to check, authorise and dispense your medication.

We remind all clients that 48 hours notice is required for all repeat prescriptions, and that there is no surcharge if this is adhered to. We urge all clients to continue to provide us with 48 hours notice to process and complete repeat prescription requests, otherwise a surcharge will apply. To aid with this, the following chart is useful for working out roughly how long a bottle of eye drops will last.

Duration of drops in days (to the nearest day)
Application frequency
(1 drop per dose)
Bottle size (ml)
2.5ml (50 drops) 5ml (100 drops) 10ml (200 drops)
Once Daily
Twice Daily
3 Times Daily
4 Times Daily
5 Times Daily
6 Times Daily
7 Times Daily
8 Times Daily
Every 2 Hours
Every hour
50 100 200
25 50 100
16 33 66
12 25 50
10 20 40
8 16 33
7 14 28
6 12 25
4 8 16
2 4 8

Number of days a bottle will last dependent on the number of drops given daily.
This is a rough estimate only and does not take into account wastage or spillage.


Request Repeat Prescriptions

If your pet is a current Eye Vet patient and has been examined by us in the last 6 months you can request a repeat prescription here.


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