Eye Vet

About Us

Eye-vet referrals was established in Frodsham in March 2006 by Peter and Ruth McElroy, with Kirsty McKee as Head Nurse.

Eye-vet is a dedicated ophthalmology practice, and has back-up from other disciplines provided by clinical staff at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Leahurst. Eye-vet has been providing ophthalmology services for the University Teaching Hospital since August 2009, and has regularly welcomed clinical year students for Extra Mural Study placements and qualified veterinarians who want to further their knowledge of ophthalmology.

Over the past three decades much has been learned and the technology for assessing animal eyes is much the same as in the human medical field. Our veterinary surgeons and ophthalmologists regularly attend conferences and courses in the UK, Europe and USA to keep abreast of recent developments.

We work with general practice veterinarians to diagnose and treat animal eye problems such as cherry eye, dry eye, glaucoma, ulcers and cataracts.



1310789693_o1j6zy354oovhzloo7.png  Peter McElroy treating one of the many exotic species Eye Vet has encountered, Heidi the chimp.