Pet Owners

Referral Process

Eye Vet is a dedicated ophthalmic referral centre

So understanding, professional, so much knowledge. Won’t take any chances with my dogs. Here is the place to go, would not hesitate. Brilliant staff.

- Pattie C.

In all instances, we need your pet to be referred from your usual veterinary practice – we can't accept a referral from the pet owner directly.

Your usual vet can arrange the referral for you. Just ask them to complete the online referral form or email us the referral information and we will take it from there.

Once we have received all information available, we will contact you directly to arrange an appointment.

Routine appointments are Monday to Friday.

Please adhere to all advice given to you by our client care team. We often ask that patients are starved for their first initial appointment at Eye Vet. This means that if your pet requires emergency surgery we can perform this as quickly as possible. However if your pet is DIABETIC, or has any other medical condition, please discuss this with us before your pet is starved. Sometimes we are unable to perform non-emergency procedures at the time of the first consultation if our operating theatres are fully booked. This may mean that your pet’s surgery has to be scheduled for another day.

On the day of your first appointment, we advise you arrive at the clinic 5-10 minutes early in order to complete any paperwork which may be needed.

Your pet's consultation with one of our ophthalmologists will last between 30-60 minutes and involve different ocular tests. Drops may be put into the eyes to allow better diagnostics. The ophthalmologist will perform a full, thorough examination of your pet before discussing the findings with you. At this point, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Following your pet's consultation, they may be prescribed medication to help with the ocular problem or recommended for surgery. Please follow all advice from the ophthalmologist and nurses regarding your pet’s medication and any follow-up appointments.

Your ophthalmologist will write a letter back to your referring vet detailing their examination and findings. This ensures that your vet is kept up to date on your pet’s ocular condition and any treatment being given.