Emergency Cases

Your pet must see your own vet before a referral can be made.

How do emergency cases work?

The first line of contact in any ocular emergency is your own vet. We can accept emergencies once you have been referred by your own vet. In emergency cases, time is of the essence so your pet may require an urgent appointment to attend the clinic. We will contact you regarding this, giving you an emergency appointment time to adhere to. We ask you to please be flexible in such cases – emergency situations require prompt examination and it is imperative that you adhere to any instructions given by your own vet or the Eye Vet staff. Delay in getting to us may result in reduced prognosis for your pet. Emergency appointments are fit in throughout our ophthalmologists’ busy day. Failure to attend these appointments delay other clients and patients from getting their treatment, and could be time used to operate on other urgent cases.

If your pet is currently under our care and the emergency is related to the condition or disease we are currently treating, then please contact us directly. We can discuss the case with you and arrange an emergency appointment as necessary.

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