A warm website welcome…

A new look is on the cards here at Eye Vet as we welcome you to our brand new website.

More dynamic, captivating and engaging, this new website gives you, the user, a more sleek and stylish experience. Working closely alongside the team at Made By Magnitude, we have developed this interface uniquely over the space of a few months.

All the original material is still here, along with much more. We listened to your feedback and included this in the changes we made.

As a pet owner, you can now order repeat prescriptions online, saving the hassel of a phone call. This will help to reduce the number of repeat prescription phone calls we get, keeping the lines available for emergencies.

As a referring veterinary surgeon, you can now specifically request case advice separate from a referral submission. These cases will be treated as advice only unless a separate referral form is submitted following the advice.

These changes allow us to adapt to a never-ending technology driven world and to bring us in line with everything a website can offer.

As with every new venture, there may be some ‘glitches in the system’, so we appreciate your feedback on any aspects of the website which are not up to par.

So go ahead, have a look around, and welcome to the world of veterinary ophthalmology.